How long is the waiting list for one of my bikes?

Somewhere between three and six months at the moment, but this can change. If you want to get on the waiting list or talk about having a bike made for you please give me a call and we can talk about it.

What type of bikes do I make?

I specialise in Road bikes; both race and pleasure, Tourers and Fast Tourers, Single-speed; Track or Fixies. I make bikes that are pleasure to ride mile after mile and give the best performance possible. I may make mountain bikes and have plans for a city style gentleman's model in the future, but for the time being this is what I make. If there is a different style of bicycle you would like made for you, there are plenty of good builders who specialise in other areas that will make the right type of bike for you.

What does custom mean?

Frames made by big manufacturers are "off the peg" solutions. They don't really take into consideration the uniqueness of the human form; the bicycle's intended use or the creativity of the fittings and design attributes. A custom frame can be created with different standards of tubes to reflect the need for strength and/or lightness along with ascetics as required by the client the bicycle is being produced for. There are many things that clients individually dream of for their bicycle. Being able to make the frame and dress it with the correct components so it embodies these desires is the main advantage of building custom.


Each bike has a different costing and is reflected in the amount of customisation required for each client. If you are interested in one of my bicycles then we will have talk about what you want and then work out the price. A good starting point is £1600 for frame and fork. There is a £250 non refundable deposit to get in the queue.

How long is the build process?

There is a lot variables that go into making a custom bicycle. from the suppliers of the steel to how busy we are. We will usually set a date that you are happy with once we have worked out exactly what you want.

Do you repair bikes or make alterations to frames?

No, sorry, I only build frames, make alterations, additions or crash repair bikes that are mine.