Ron Cooper Tribute

This is a one-of-a-kind urban track bike. We built it to launch the Malcolm Custom Bicycle brand at the Bespoked Handbuilt Bicycle Show held in April 2014.

We made it to tribute one of the greatest frame builders to ever live, Ron Cooper who sadly passed away at the end of 2012. He helped me become a master frame builder along with being a good friend and gentleman. He came from the Brockley area and had a shop on the Honor Oak strip for many years.

Tubing: Columbus Gara, Columbus Max forks & chainstays
Paint: Graphite with copper detail
Brake callipers: Dura Ace 9000 series
Brake levers: Dura Ace 7402 series.
Groupset: Dura Ace Track
Wheels: Hoshi bladed spokes on Velocity rims, tied and soldered. Continental Supersonic tyres
Pedals: MKS Sylvan with King Cage hand brazed toe clips & Brooks leather toe straps
Saddle: Brooks Cambium
Bars: Cinelli Criterium handlebars & Cinelli Imperial Leather handlebar tape.
Stem: Cinelli A1
Seatpost: Nitto S-65

Special: Internal brake routing, custom seat stays and a limited edition bronze head badge.

Red & Gold

We were lucky enough to get Road CC to test one of our bikes, it's hard to get one of your bikes tested by a magazine, there's so many people out there that want their bike tested, and really you've got to be worthy of it before you get it done.

We had a really nice paint job done on the bike. It's candy red and gold, or the Iron Man colours as the sprayers called it. The bike looked awesome, has a 105 groupset on it, Chris King headset and some handmade Mavic Open Pro rims built onto some Shimano ultegra hubs. We got a really good review on it, they really enjoyed the bike, they said it outperformed some of the other bikes, so all in all it was good!

Groupset: Full 105 10 speed
Wheels: Handbuilt Shimano Ultegra Hubs on Mavic Open Pro rims using DT Swiss plain gauge spokes.
Headset: Chris King
Stem: Deda Zero 1
Bars: Deda RHM EL
Seatpost: Deda
Saddle: Flux

Blue Union Jack

I was commissioned to make a bicycle with modern materials and the elegance of tradition...

The client requested completely hidden cables which meant I had to run the gear cables through the down tube. To make everything look slick; without the dreaded in line cable adjusters I fabricated cable adjusters as part of the bottom bracket cable tunnels. We have done this since on one other bike, but as it is still a "prototype" thing I will spare you the detail until I officially launch the solution.

This was the first time I fabricated the wrap around seat stays I am now calling the Ashley Arrow Heads. This is achieved by splicing one tube into another. In this instance I used a piece cut from the top of a fork blade; usually destined for the scrap steel box.

The final build had the following components to bring the past into the future...

There was one final thing the client wanted added to the build. To be honest, I wasn't sure about it but said I would see what it looked like. He requested having the Union Jack behind the head badge. A note of contention being Australian, but to be fair, it looks awesome and glad we did it. I have since done a bike for a fellow Aussie and put the Australian green and gold behind the head badge along with a Southern Cross on the chain stay.

Groupset: Shimano 105 with stronglight Delta Crankset mounted with TA Specialities chain rings
Shimano 600 centre pull brakes
Seat post: Nitto 65
Handlebars and Stem: Nitto
Headset: Dura Ace